At Cutting Edge Builders, we build a home that sets us apart from the competition. We firmly believe a great home starts with true craftsmanship in the framing stage. In the past, a craftsmen carpenter paid as much attention to detail in every aspect of his work whether he was framing or trimming. This is still the Cutting Edge way. While a framing crew makes their money by being fast, we take as much time as necessary to insure quality craftsmanship, even in framing. Because we will install the windows, doors, cabinets, floors and trim in our homes, we know it pays to spend the extra time to ensure all framing is completed at a true craftsman level.

Just like a framing subcontractor, a trim subcontractor makes his money by completing his job quickly and moving on to the next. At Cutting Edge, we take great pride in trimming out every home we build. We are willing to invest the time to carefully plan and think through each custom trim detail to ensure architectural correctness and time honored craftsmanship.

We encourage you to take the time to compare our homes with competitor's homes and we think you will find there is always a Cutting Edge Advantage.


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